Rounds conflicted by outings or weather may be rescheduled.


  1. Tuesday by 5 pm deadline enforcement: 64 player Max: after 64 you are on the waiting list. WGL members have first priority on waiting list.
  2. Players that wish to still play on Wednesdays and not join WGL can still play but are required to join in on skins/team game which is $10 each week. WGL members are encouraged to participate in the $10 game also. But not required.
  3. IGA/GHIN Handicap required.
  4. Points accumulated each week for Participation, team wins and individual wins.
  5. Players must play 77% of the season to be eligible to win Season Champion Trophy . (10/13 weeks)
  6. WGL Ball: 2 off the 1st #Mulligan, If 2nd tee shot is taken, must play. Cannot use WGL ball if 1st shot is on the green (if starting on Par 3)
  7. 4 Strokes over Par is Max strokes on every hole. Ex. Par 4…8 max, Par 3…7,    Par 5…9 Max
  8. Par & Birdie Putts MUST BE PUTTED OUT. No Gimmies on Pars and Birdies. (Opponents Discretion on Bogey+)
  9. Individual Game – Stroke Play, Total Net Score
  10. Team Game – Match Play net Score, 2 man 1 net best score
  11. Ties: Individual Ties and Team Ties will receive ½ Point.
  12. Tees: Players will be assigned what tees they will play based on handicap, TPC, and/or  age.
  13. IN THE EVENT OF INCLEMENT WEATHER – Final determination to finish the round will be at the sole discretion of the WGL leadership (with Pro Shop approval).
  14. If for any reason a player does not complete a round  and WGL does complete the round, that player will be withdrawn from the game and not eligible for a team win, individual win, or have a score count for the round.
  15. Skins weather policy: Carry over to next week
  16. No Call No show Policy: Once=Suspension of next week, Twice=WGL Suspension Indefinitely and will be taken off WGL email. We understand things happen. However, if you committed and something comes up day of or hours prior to teeing off PLEASE just let WGL know. Send EMAIL or TXT to the WGL President or Commissioner.

    Kyle Roe-WGL President (317-679-6783)                 

Tony Unfried-WGL Commissioner (317-605-0178)